Hygienic, customizable and modular plastic pallet, now even more stable thanks to its anti-slip grips which prevent goods from slipping off during handling operations.


  • Patented in 2010
  • Sanitizable, washable and rot-proof, excellent for the food and pharmaceutical industries
  • Suitable for export all around the world, in full compliance with phytosanitary regulations
  • Available in a range of colors, it allows instant identification of different product types while helping to prevent work accidents
  • Fork-liftable on 4 sides
  • High and low temperature resistant
  • Anti-slip rims and grips for increased goods stability
  • CATAS tested
  • Can be repaired and reused if broken
  • Easily assembled, can be supplied unassembled to reduce shipping costs
  • A range of load capacities
  • Fully recyclable
  • Customizable with your logo