Paris Packaging Week 2022

The Paris Packaging Week is about to start and FAVARON will be there again. Welcoming you in our booth W30 would be a great pleasure for us and …… a good chance for you to see our latest product: VASARI, the small versatile overcap with color identifying token (or tokenless, with pad-print, as you prefer). […]

FERMI, the overcap you can hang everywhere!

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FERMI, the overcap you can hang everywhere! You just need a simple hook and you can hang the overcap anywhere you want: on displays, shelves, cloth hangers, racks or at the entrance of our homes or garages Customizable with your trade-mark or with a logo (i.e.: sanitizing or hygienic device) […]

Cappuccio, Overcap, Capot, Überkappe per bombolette spray con anello Masaccio

Customizable overcap for aerosol cans with color identification ring MASACCIO

MASACCIO, the customizable overcap with color identifying ring, will bring some Renaissance in your aerosol… MASACCIO, the customizable overcap with its color identification ring and its pleasant satiny finish, will help your aerosol cans stand out on the store shelves. The brand new cap MASACCIO presents an unusual, fancy and pioneer design. […]

FERMI, the professional overcap you can…. hang!

FERMI, the professional overcap you can…. hang!!! D/65mm – Necked-in Customizable with your trademark or logo Available with / without pipe housing Satiny surface, pleasant to the touch, with a glossy band at the bottom Fancy and original design Patented Last but not least…. It can be hung!!   Download […]

Slat holder IBISCO Luxury becomes cheap!

Slat holder IBISCO – Luxury becomes cheap! For slats : 48 x 8 mm 150 colors available Grip design for mattresses Fast and easy assembling, ideal for kits Long lasting and resistant Suitable for iron and wooden bed frame Customizable design upon request (*) (*) do not hesitate to ask for the […]

Adjustable plastic feet for OVENS and PROFESSIONAL COFFEE MACHINES

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Adjustable plastic feet for OVENS and PROFESSIONAL COFFEE MACHINES Wide range of shapes and dimensions, with or without grip Available finishes: aluminium-sprayed, chromium metallized or chromium plated Upon request: self-extinguishing or high temperature resistant Product design and engineering available upon request. Download Catalogue

NEMO: new video

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How to use a spray can handle? Have a look to our new video.

doga in plastica da 1215

EXTRA-LONG plastic slat

Bed slat in high and very high resistant polymer compound now also: EXTRA-LONG – Standard sizes available: 1000 – 1100 – 1215 mm Excellent resistance and constant flexibility over time Also available with 50% glass fiber filler or 15% carbon fiber filler, for a strength never seen before! CATAS tested Customizable […]

Piedini in plastica per divani e poltrone, piedini cromati, piedini e basi per forni, affettatrici, elettrodomestici

Non-slip bases, adjustable machine feet and rubber stoppers for ovens, coffee machines, meat slicers, kneading machines and other small domestic appliances

Our company offers over 1500 plastic products that can be employed in many fields, as well as a large range of articles, including: NON-SLIP BASES, ADJUSTABLE MACHINE FEET, RUBBERS, HAND WHEELS AND WING NUTS, which are suitable for: OVENS, FRIDGES, COFFEE MACHINES, MEAT SLICERS, KNEADING MACHINES and other small DOMESTIC […]

FLOW-er – Bed base suspension with rotating stiffening mechanism

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FAVARON is pleased to introduce the new bed base suspension with rotating stiffening mechanism Dynamic multidirectional suspension TPEE suspension, to guarantee its properties over time Stiffness adjustment (PLATINUM and GOLD version) Easy and fast to install Surface openings for a better mattress aeration For further information or samples please write […]