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Customised projects

Our internal design service is available to our customers to support them in the development of customised projects. Each of these is followed at all stages of development: starting from the pure idea or sketch, through the design, prototyping, construction of the mould, up to the production of the finished artifact.
Thanks also to the ten-year collaboration with the Scuola Italiana Design of the Padua Technological Park, we are constantly updated on innovative techniques and materials that face the market.

Rapid prototyping

A Stereolithography 3D printer allows us to create prototypes on request with a maximum printing volume of 33x20x30cm, with the use of resins simulating heterogeneous materials, from soft rubbers to stiffer compounds.

Injection moulding for third parties

Over 60 years of experience in plastic moulding allow us to print on behalf of third parties, operating in the biomedical, food, lighting, leisure field and many others. Our technicians have an in-depth knowledge of mould-flow and with the help of our presses, from the smallest of 35 tons to greater of 650 tons, they can print the most various materials: bioplastics, technopolymers, rubbers, resins, thermoplastics, compounds and many others.