Contract works

We offer to our customers over 60 years of experience in the molding of both traditional and innovative plastic and rubber materials, and an impressively varied machine fleet.

Over 30 presses ranging from 35 to 650 tons and a specialized team are at your service to mold polypropylene, polyamide, polycarbonate, TPV and TPE, SEBS and SBS, detectable and antibacterial materials, materials suitable for contact with food and fully biodegradable bioplastics

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1. Customer’s concept

You have already designed a product for your next collection, but you can’t find that one component that could save you time and money…

What should you do? Redesign everything? Or maybe contact Favaron?

Tell us your requirements, Favaron would be delighted to develop a solution that makes your job easier while enabling your product to stand out in the crowd, thanks to exclusively customized shapes and looks.

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2. Design

A technical drawing, a simple draft with some measurements or a quick description of your requirements will be just enough for us to start designing the component that will help you with your job.

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3. Proposal and quote

With a few technical drawings and renderings, we will show you a project tailored upon your needs. Our offer will clearly state the manufacturing cost for the mold and the price per individual molded item.

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4. Mold creation

You are relieved from the task of supervising the mold creation process: every step is carried out by us and by our experienced and trusted molders with a meticulous attention to detail.

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5. Production

Right after the mold is ready, we will promptly deliver some molded items for your approval. Then, without wasting any time, we will proceed to manufacturing your products.